What Is Corporate Anyway?



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"If you want to sell into corporates, do it with Davina! Working with Davina was an absolute pleasure. I really enjoyed being part of this program as well as receiving coaching and guidance from such a great expert! She is very knowledgeable and knows exactly what you need to do to sell into corporate. I was taught how to do it, down to every little detail. Davina is also very supportive to everyone in the group and hugely inspiring."


Virginia Georgiou | Personal and Professional Development Coach

"Davina is great! Her knowledge is immense and she is utterly supportive. I don’t know or understand much of what she knows is important and her patience at teaching and guiding me has been and continues to be totally invaluable. I am so privileged to be working with Davina and I am inspired by her with every contact we have."

Lucy Power

Therapeutic Coach and Organisational Consultant  

“Working with Davina on how to sell to corporate clients is like finding a treasure map. Just getting clarity around who potential customers are and what to sell as a product is worth the investment in its own but this program is so much more! If corporate contracts is your target, then you need this program!"  

Sarah Ross

CEO Your Reason to Breathe, Burnout Speaker, Mentor & Executive Coach

"Davina is super knowledgeable and generous with her time. She helped me to develop my corporate offer and look at my packages in a completely different way. Within days of finishing the program, I have two exciting calls lined up that wouldn't be happening if it wasn't for this program! I highly recommend the group programme and Davina and can't wait to put all of my new knowledge to good use!"

Yasmina Hedhli

Project Confidence Coach, Speaker

"I joined Davina's group program and it was one the best investments I've ever made. For years I've wanted to work directly with corporate, but I always felt intimidated and didn't have the tools to make the right approach. In the space of only 6 weeks, my confidence has soared and my mindset has changed - for the better! As a result of working with Davina, I now have the skills I need to start selling into a corporation. I'm also thinking in a bigger and bolder way and had my best week income-wise (ever!) during the programme. A coincidence? I think not! If you're thinking of working with Davina, don't hesitate."

Charlotte Waterworth

Medical Copyrighter

"Working with Davina is wonderful. She did some research on an organisation I’m interested in approaching, a billion dollar global corporation. She shared with me the key informational takeaways that were important and why. She taught me how I can approach this corporate with 5 different strategies to successfully do this. Knowing who, how and using what language to use when approaching and then negotiating."

Bridget Greenwood

Founder of 'The Bigger Pie'














With Davina’s help, I moved from being stuck in a psychologically damaging state…. To be completely and utterly fired up to make my dream business come true. I built friendships, connections and now I have a network that keeps on giving. I loved how the minute I joined the group, strange and useful connections came into my life. I feel I now have a life that has purpose and clarity and this has positively impacted my life decisions and my close relationships. If I can grow as much again in the next 12 months, there is no reason why I cannot live the dream that has been bubbling inside me for 20 years

Claire Valentine-Gibson

Visual Artist